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Herr Falter

This is mildly funny, and slightly sad. I think I’m starting to believe in god. Not because I found faith or the church or anything like that. But my life is getting so fucked up, there must be some higher power that really fucking distastes me.

Lemme give ya a run down.

My dad died at 16. A few months later the girl i just spent 2 years of my life with left me. I still had some confidence then. Found a new girl. She was magical, but somehow things fell apart, and she left me. I thought “well at least I still have a few friends and my dog.” Well being 1550 miles away makes friends forget you, and my dog died recently. Even now I’m losing a friend because of mere hearsay and things I do not remember. She was the best one I had, and shes gone.

What am I left with? An education, debt, and the most extreme loneliness I’ve ever experienced. Everything I’ve loved or cared for, is gone or leaving.

Its hard to live the peaceful life I’ve tried so hard to live when important people are falling out of my life like leaves off a tree.

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  • #alone #god #hates me #death
  • 3 years ago