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Herr Falter
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  • #life #lake #panorama
  • 2 years ago
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  • #threesixsix #lake #water #boat of some knind
  • 3 years ago

I live in this neighborhood that has a really nice lake and walking paths and stuff. They are real uptight about the stuff you can do though.

No swimming, no diving, no animals in the water (but the ducks and fish are ok). Can only catch two fish per person per day. Catch and release. Closes at dusk. No alcohol or smoking. No glass. No fireworks, grills, or fire pits (I can give them this one). No portal shade structures…. Its the fucking desert and you didn’t plant any fucking trees then you are gonna so don’t bring shade? Fuck you….. No motor vehicles on trails(also given). No fishing from docks… No fishing from docks? Isn’t that what a dock is for? (other than docking a boat).

Anyway. I want to vandalize the shit out of the lake and its structures with messages of love, peace, fun, and enjoying life. Not being bound by uptight assholes.

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  • #life #lake #fuck these people #vandalize
  • 3 years ago