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Herr Falter

Last words

Stupid How I Met Your Mother episode… It was all about Marshal’s dad’s last words, and everyone was remembering their dads last words and then called their dads at the end of the episode :(

My dad’s last words: “Alright see you next weekend” I don’t remember if there was an exchange of “I love you”s or not. I had just become a band manager/pit transport guy in the marching band because my girlfriend at the time was in the color guard. There was a game the friday I was supposed to go to his house, I could had asked him to pick me up later that night or on saturday, but I asked to switch weekends because I thought it would be easier on him to not make the drive so late or pick me up on saturday and take me back sunday… he died that following wednesday

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  • #life #father #dad #death #how i met your mother #stupid episode :(
  • 2 years ago